5 teams that need to take a chance with Odell Beckham Jr. back on the market

  • After missing all of 2022 with a knee injury, Odell Beckham Jr. spent last year in Baltimore.
  • While Lamar Jackson went on to win NFL MVP, OBJ was not the same player he once was.
  • With him in search of another team to play for, here are five that could make some sense.

Odell Beckham Jr., Baltimore Ravens
Odell Beckham Jr., Baltimore Ravens / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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1. Los Angeles Rams showed us how good Odell Beckham Jr. can still be

Not going to lie. There was something special about Odell Beckham Jr. on the Los Angeles Rams. He would have won Super Bowl MVP had he not gotten hurt right before halftime. Beckham played perfectly in Sean McVay's system, really showing us all how evolved his game can be as a possession receiver. Playing off Cooper Kupp helped cement his legacy as a Hall of Very Good caliber receiver.

With Matthew Stafford isn't getting any younger, I still think the Rams have one more deep playoff run in them under this current corps. Having to beat the likes of the hated rival San Francisco 49ers in the improving NFC will be challenging, but Beckham knows exactly what he must do if he were to join the Rams. He could be the stellar No. 3 receiver in the 11 personnel concepts McVay loves to run there.

Overall, the Rams do not have a ton of cap space, but it is not like Beckham will cost all that much on the open market. Although returning to either Baltimore or Cleveland could be interesting, Beckham is best served going back to Los Angeles, rather than wasting his time with the New York Giants. Being part of a winning team again in Los Angeles could help Beckham get into the hall of fame.

All things equal, I would love to see Beckham play three more years and retire with the L.A. Rams.

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