Ohio State fans were big mad after Georgia leaps Buckeyes in CFP rankings

Maryland v Ohio State
Maryland v Ohio State / Ben Jackson/GettyImages

Georgia's blowout win over Ole Miss on Saturday paid huge dividends on Tuesday night with the release of the Week 12 College Football Playoff rankings, much to the chagrin of the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Despite the Buckeyes manhandling Michigan State in Week 11, Georgia's back-to-back wins over teams still inside the Top 15 of the latest CFP rankings (Missouri and Ole Miss) was enough in the Selection Committee's eyes to vault them up to No. 1 over the Buckeyes.

Naturally, fans of the Buckeyes were not the least bit pleased with how the committee dropped Ohio State. They took out their frustrations on Twitter (still not calling it X).

Ohio State fans let out anger over dropping to No. 2 in CFP rankings

While the Bulldogs deserved to jump up in the rankings after blowing out an extremely good Ole Miss team, the optics are still strange after Ohio State blew out a bad Michigan State team.

It's worth reminding Ohio State fans, though, that the Buckeyes still have a ton of College Football Playoff hope. The task is simple -- with a win over Michigan in The Game and then winning the Big Ten Championship Game, the Buckeyes would get into the Top 4 without a sweat. That's not say that's an easy task, but controlling one's own destiny is crucial this time of year.

Having said that, recapturing the No. 1 seed would be out of their hands. Unless Georgia were to lose one of its remaining regular-season games to Tennessee or Georgia Tech, or lose in the SEC Championship Game to Alabama, the Bulldogs will likely still claim No. 1.

There are still two weeks of the regular season and conference championship games left to be played before the final CFP rankings are revealed. But Ohio State fans surely have reason to be angry given the situation.

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