5 QBs Ohio State passed on who would've beaten Michigan on Saturday

Kyle McCord's first season as the Ohio State starter ended with a ton of questions and not a lot of solutions. He was unable to win The Game over Michigan on Saturday. Ryan Day is feeling the heat.

Kyle McCord, Ohio State Buckeyes
Kyle McCord, Ohio State Buckeyes / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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For the third season in a row, flat screens are floating down the Olentangy because the Ohio State Buckeyes came up short in The Game vs. Michigan. While the Wolverines are probably done with stealing signs for the time being, Ohio State needs to accept that the Buckeyes are no longer the titans atop the Big Ten's highest perch. The Big Ten shall belong to the victors until proven otherwise.

We are yet another year removed from Urban Meyer on the Ohio State sidelines. He has many flaws, but none of them were ever exposed when he faced the Wolverines. Unblemished, Meyer saw his successor come up short for a third time in a row in the program's defining game. Day will probably keep his job, as Ohio State would be so foolish to fire him. Conversely, he may just walk away anyway.

Firing Day into the sun jokes aside, the real big issue for the Buckeyes is poor quarterback misevaluations regarding McCord coming out of high school. His past and present teammate Marvin Harrison Jr. has been otherworldly at wide receiver, but you have to think a number of quarterbacks the Buckeyes picked McCord over could have done better in Ohio State's biggest game of the year.

Here are five quarterbacks the Buckeyes could have had who would have won The Game yesterday.

5 QBs Ohio State could have had who would have beaten Michigan

5. Drew Allar was in-state and looks sharper in year one than Kyle McCord

A lot was made about this when Penn State lost to Ohio State a few weeks ago in Happy Valley. 2022 five-star Drew Allar was in-state over at Medina. He wanted to play for the Buckeyes, but with a full quarterback room featuring McCord and his predecessor C.J. Stroud, you could understand why Allar had to go play his college football else. He has been fine in his first year as the starter at Penn State.

Not to say that Allar would have been better than what J.J. McCarthy was for Michigan in the latest rendition of The Game, but there is a chance he would have played better than McCord. He is way more mobile than his Ohio State counterpart, so perhaps he could have made a few plays with his legs to better open up the pass. You have to remember that Penn State has no wide receiver depth.

To me, I think Allar could have helped close the gap in this game, but I am not saying he would have won it more often than not. However, I think if you play The Game 10 times, Allar would have found a way to win at least one more game of 10 than McCord would have. Because he was never really given a fair shot at being recruited by his home state's program, you have to wonder what could have been.

Expect for Allar to be so much better entering his second full year as the Penn State starter in 2024.