Oklahoma OC blatantly risks putting himself in hot water with Sooners AD

Jeff Lebby responded to criticism from the Oklahoma athletic director over Art Briles' presence at the SMU game with defiance on social media.
Oklahoma offensive coordinator Jeff Lebby
Oklahoma offensive coordinator Jeff Lebby / SARAH PHIPPS/THE OKLAHOMAN / USA TODAY

When your boss expresses disappointment in a situation you caused, most people would hang their heads and try not to draw attention to themselves.

Not Jeff Lebby.

The Oklahoma offensive coordinator appears to be doubling down on his support for disgraced Baylor head coach Art Briles, who happens to be his father-in-law, even after being publicly rebuked.

Briles was on the sideline, in Oklahoma gear, before and after the Sooners victory over SMU on Saturday. His presence drew criticism and prompted a statement from Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione who said he was "disappointed" with the situation.

On Sunday, Lebby changed his profile picture on social media to feature Briles.

Jeff Lebby doubles-down on Art Briles association even after critique from Oklahoma AD

Let's take a step back and gain some context.

Lebby is married to Briles' daughter. He worked for Briles at Baylor and was even named as one of the coaches who failed to act when informed of a physical assault by a Baylor running back.

Briles was fired from Baylor for failing to report multiple instances of misconduct by his players and maintaining a culture within the football program that allegedly turned a blind eye to misconduct, particularly of a sexual nature.

When Briles was fired, Lebby was retained on staff at Baylor. He publicly supported Briles in the aftermath of the scandal.

Lebby's hiring at Oklahoma was considered controversial given his connections to the Baylor scandal.

So when Briles turned up on the sidelines at an Oklahoma game, there was immediate criticism.


Lebby brushed it off saying, "He’s my father-in-law. That’s the grandfather to my two kids. He was down there with my entire family well after the game.”

The problem is Castiglione made it quite clear in his statement that Oklahoma had made it known to Lebby that Briles was not welcome, despite his familial connection.

Here's the Castiglione statement in full:

“I was just as disappointed as many of our fans when I learned of the postgame situation tonight. It shouldn’t have happened and it was my expectation it never would, based on boundaries we previously set. I’ve addressed it with the appropriate staff.”

After Castiglione said "It shouldn't have happened," how is the AD supposed to take Lebby changing his social media profile picture to a photo taken on the Oklahoma field with Briles? The defiance is blatant.

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