Oli Marmol's extension already looks like albatross around John Mozeliak's neck

Is it too early to want to fire John Mozeliak and Oli Marmol?

Miami Marlins v St. Louis Cardinals
Miami Marlins v St. Louis Cardinals / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

John Mozeliak had his opportunity to scapegoat St. Louis Cardinals manager Oli Marmol after a last-place finish in 2023. Instead, he gave him a two-year extension ahead of the 2024 season.

Now, there's nowhere left for the long-time president of baseball operations to hide. If the season goes poorly, it shouldn't just be Marmol's head on the chopping block. Mozeliak will have outstayed his welcome as well.

Game 1 didn't fill Cardinals fans with much confidence that they're headed for a great turnaround in fortune. St. Louis was routed by the Los Angeles Dodgers on Opening Day, 7-1.

And let's be honest, what happened on Opening Day wasn't primarily Marmol's fault. He put the best pitcher that Mozeliak made available to him on the mound. That pitcher, Miles Mikolas, gave up five runs in 4.1 innings, including home runs to Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman.

Marmol put together a lineup from the players Mozeliak decided were good enough to contend for the NL Central. With the exception of Paul Goldschmidt, they were 0-for-27 with five strikeouts. Goldschmidt was 3-for-4 with a home run.

For every shout for Marmol to be fired, there will be two for Mozeliak to go with him.

Cardinals fans are already fed up with John Mozeliak

The manager isn't good enough at his job to bail the Cardinals out this season. His in-game decision-making is still suspect. His man-management is still in question.

But this is also a manager and a roster that Mozeliak has hitched his wagon to. He should be held responsible when they run the Cardinals off a cliff.

Maybe this was just what will happen to everyone who faces the Dodgers this year. They are loaded after a billion-dollar spending spree. Mozeliak, Marmol and the Cardinals have three more games against them before they get to find that out.

Next. Miles Mikolas is MLB Twitter’s Opening Day punching bag. Miles Mikolas is MLB Twitter’s Opening Day punching bag. dark