One perfect Dallas Cowboys draft target for 3 biggest needs to address in first round

The Dallas Cowboys have many ways they can go with their late first-round pick in the NFL Draft.

Adonai Mitchell, Texas Longhorns
Adonai Mitchell, Texas Longhorns / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys need to make the most out of their opportunities to get better in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. Dallas may have been the No. 2 seed in the NFC last postseason, but the Cowboys were embarrassed at home by the No. 7-seeded Green Bay Packers. This is a critical season for not only head coach Mike McCarthy and quarterback Dak Prescott, but for the entire Cowboys franchise.

If Dallas does not get it done this season, McCarthy will surely be gone, as may Prescott. If the latter is the case, we may see the Cowboys go into a wholesale rebuilding mode in one last grandiose attempt to give Jerry Jones another Super Bowl championship. Thus, it is more important than ever to absolutely crush the NFL Draft. Dallas has several picks, but will not be on the clock until No. 24.

In terms of overall pressing needs, Dallas must address issues along the offensive line, whether that be in the interior or out on the edge. The Cowboys must also look at getting better at wide receiver, as well as adding more of a presence to their defensive line. While they cannot solve all of these issues in the first round, Dallas better be able to solve one of them with the No. 24 overall selection.

Here is who Dallas can pick in the first round to address one of the team's biggest roster weaknesses.

Dallas Cowboys No. 24 option: Texas DT Byron Murphy II

Across the board, I would say getting reinforcements along the defensive line is the Cowboys' least pressing issue of the three or four they need to rectify. Historically, Dallas has not put a ton of resources into the position, but didn't draft Mazi Smith out of Michigan all that long ago. Plus, DeMarcus Lawrence has been very good for them at times in his decade-long career with the team.

So if I were picking at No. 24 and needed a defensive tackle, I would go with somebody like Byron Murphy II out of Texas. A part of the Cowboys' fanbase already loves the guy from his time in Austin. It may be a pressure-packed situation for him, but isn't that the case for anybody who plays for the Cowboys? Regardless, Murphy is a late, first-round pick and Dallas would be justified in taking him.

While I would understand the selection, I would prioritize offensive line and wide receiver more here.

Dallas Cowboys No. 24 option: Texas WR Adonai Mitchell

Admittedly, this would be a very interesting spot to take a wide receiver if you are Dallas, or any team for that matter. There is a precipitous drop-off from WR3 to WR4 in this draft. While this is a position of great value, Dallas might be in a position to reach for a wide receiver at No. 24 this year. The good news is roughly half a dozen or so players may be in decent enough of a range to go to the Cowboys.

As with Byron Murphy II, I would look pretty hard at his former Texas teammate Adonai Mitchell at No. 24, if that is the direction Dallas chooses to go in. When healthy, Mitchell can be an explosive playmaker outside the numbers. Injury history could limit his pro career, but I would certainly take a flier on him somewhere in the early 20s to 40s in the draft. Plus, Dallas already has CeeDee Lamb.

Mitchell's big game experience at Texas and Georgia previously will make up for him missing time.

Dallas Cowboys No. 24 option: Georgia OT Amarius Mims

This is the position group Dallas should honestly address first in the NFL Draft. Frankly, they need to look at center in addition to a book-end tackle, but that's just me. If they were to go with an offensive interior player, I would suggest Jackson Powers-Johnson out of Michigan. However, since Tyron Smith's don't grow on trees, I would get the next best thing in tackle Amarius Mims out of Georgia.

Like his former UGA teammate Adonai Mitchell, Mims had a hard time staying on the field, albeit for different reasons. He was not a regular starter at Georgia until last year, on account of how deep Georgia's offensive line room is. However, he may have been the most impactful player up front for the Dawgs. His absence throughout the better part of the SEC Championship vs. Alabama was felt.

Since tackle is more worthy of a first-round pick than center, I would go Mims over Powers-Johnson.

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