Overreaction Monday: 3 Justin Fields blockbuster trade packages the Bears can cash in on

If the Bears are ready to give up on Justin Fields, they should at least explore some trade options for the young quarterback while he still holds value.
Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields
Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields / Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports
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Justin Fields trade option for the Bears: Las Vegas Raiders

The biggest issue for the Bears is that most NFL teams are far more settled at QB than Chicago is. If the Jets aren't interested in trading for a short-term Aaron Rodgers replacement, there simply aren't many teams out there with an immediate need.

The Patriots clearly aren't bought in on Mac Jones but Bill Belichick isn't one to approve a bold QB trade. The Broncos are definitely regretting trading for Russell Wilson, but no one, not even the Bears, is trading for that contract. So what's left?

The Las Vegas Raiders are reeling after a blowout loss to the Bills that exposed the downside to signing Jimmy Garoppolo. He's not a franchise QB.

What's Josh McDaniels to do with skepticism looming over his second head coaching stint? Go big or go home.

Raiders trade for Justin Fields

The Raiders have plenty of future draft picks to work with. They can pick up Fields and give McDaniels an exciting, but unfinished young quarterback to build up while getting out of paying Garopppolo $24 million next year.

Fields is flawed for sure, but he still has real potential McDaniels could try to unlock. It's worth a shot when Las Vegas doesn't have much else going for them.

On the other side of the trade, the Bears would get a stabilizing force at quarterback to buy Matt Eberflus some more time in Chicago.

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