Pac-12 refs gave USC an extra first-half play after halftime

Pac-12 refs let USC kick a field goal to close out the first half after halftime was already over in the most head-scratching sequence you've ever seen.

USC v Colorado
USC v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

The death of the Pac-12 may be nigh, but Pac-12 refs are giving us all plenty to talk about in the months of the conference's existence.

Have you ever seen a team run a first-half play after halftime? On Saturday, those watching USC play Cal on Saturday got to witness that extremely rare, possibly never-before-seen scenario in college football.

Here's what happened: Caleb Williams hit tight end Lake McRee down to the Cal 16-yard line with the seconds ticking down in the first half. Refs on the field determined the clock had run out and sent the teams into the locker room. But USC head coach Lincoln Riley stayed out to argue with the refs. He ultimately challenged the call and review — while the bands were performing on the field — determined McRee's knee was down with one second on the clock.

Pac-12 refs gave USC an extra play after halftime

So, when USC and Cal emerged from halftime, the refs put one second on the clock and the Trojans lined up to kick a field goal to close out the second quarter.

Cal head coach Justin Wilcox even iced the kicker with his timeout leftover from the first half! And then USC kicker Dennis Lynch missed it!

All that hubbub for the most inexplicable kick attempt in possibly the history of college football... and he missed it! You literally could not write this stuff. But you're not one of the Pac-12 refs, who have continually found the silliest way to oversee games throughout the years.

So USC and Cal eventually got to start the second half after that one play diversion that ultimately meant nothing and was a complete waste of everyone's time.

This is what happens when the referees have no control of the game. They even announced that both teams should remain on their sideline immediately after the initial play. There was no reason a review couldn't have been conducted there and then without both teams going to the locker room, prompting the unusual second-quarter restart.

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