Packers fan doused Amon-Ra St. Brown with beer during Lions Lambeau Leap

The Green Bay Packers' fanbase did not take kindly to Amon-Ra St. Brown's Lambeau Leap in the first quarter of Thursday night's game.

Amon-Ra St. Brown, Detroit Lions
Amon-Ra St. Brown, Detroit Lions / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

The Detroit Lions opened up a first-half onslaught Thursday night in familiar fashion — with a touchdown toss to star wideout Amon-Ra St. Brown, who left his defender in the dust for a 26-yard score.

He was able to stumble into the end zone with relative ease.

After the play, St. Brown celebrated in classic anti-Packers fashion — with a Lambeau Leap on enemy territory. He located a small handful of blue jerseys in a sea of green and took off, much to the chagrin of one malcontent in Green Bay colors.

As the Detroit fans celebrated with St. Brown, a bottle of beer mysteriously emptied itself on the wide receiver's helmet.

Green Bay Packers fan pours beer on Amon-Ra St. Brown's head after Lambeau Leap

This is unbecoming behavior from a great fanbase. Obviously, we can't let one bad apple determine the reputation of an entire group. Lambeau is a grade-A football environment and Packer fans generally toe the line between rowdy and ridiculous better than most, but no — you cannot pour beer on an opposing player because he jumps into the stands. It's bad form.

St. Brown smiled through it and probably didn't notice given the thickness of those helmets and pads, so there's ostensibly no harm done. This isn't a grave sin or a blight on the game of football, but it's still better to keep liquids to yourself at the football stadium.

There will be Green Bay fans who huff and puff about decency and tradition, but St. Brown is allowed to celebrate a touchdown, same as Green Bay's playmakers (who, notably, did not get on the board in the first half). If you don't want Detroit players doing the Lambeau leap, the best course of action is to stop them from scoring.

Detroit ran all over the Packers in the first half, taking a 27-3 lead to the locker room. This is a battle for first place in the NFC North. It's early in the season, but Detroit is rather emphatically announcing its superiority in the division right now. There's time on the clock for another improbable Green Bay comeback, but last week was probably a fluke.

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