Packers fans celebrate Joe Barry firing with no regard for human life

Green Bay Packers fans have been waiting a long time for defensive coordinator Joe Barry to leave. That day is finally here.

Green Bay Packers v Buffalo Bills
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It's been a long time coming for Green Bay Packers fans, as defensive coordinator Joe Barry was thought to be on the outs last offseason before Matt LaFleur gave him another shot. While Barry's unit performed admirably down the stretch against some tough opponents, it wasn't enough in the end to save his job. A change was needed, and Barry will now move on elsewhere.

Barry's defense finished top-10 in scoring in 2023, so his tenure certainly wasn't all bad. However, inconsistency proved to be a major issue, and they couldn't overcome injuries to the likes of Jaire Alexander and even Rashan Gary at certain points in the season. DVOA also tells a different story about the Packers. Green Bay finished 12th in 2021, 25th in 2022 and 27th in 2023, so they were trending in the wrong direction.

Replacing Barry will not be easy, but it's a critical hire for LaFleur. With Jordan Love progressing at a rapid rate, the Packers want to put the ball back in his hands as quickly as possible. Long drives by the opposing team, something that often plagued Barry's group, cannot be afforded this time around.

Packers fans rejoice after Joe Barry is fired

While celebrating a coach losing their job, thus forcing them to uproot their family, seems a bit harsh, that hasn't stopped Packers fans.

Barry was disliked and picked apart by much of the Packers fanbase starting in the 2022 season.

With Love and Green Bay on the rise, this is the perfect offseason development to keep Packers fans engaged.

Barry's defenses weren't always the problem, but finishing in the bottom third of the NFL in DVOA is unacceptable, let alone for two straight seasons.

Blaming one man for all the Packers issues on defense is unrealistic, but getting rid of the man in charge is a start.

Trust me when I say there were plenty more where that came from.

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