Packers fans in disarray after Jordan Love's fourth-down play goes horribly wrong

The Green Bay Packers tried a creative fourth-down play call against the New Orleans Saints, but it didn't go according to plan.

Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers
Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers /

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love had a rough start to his third game of the season against the New Orleans Saints. Already shorthanded given the injuries to David Bakhtiari and Christian Watson -- plus an upcoming short week thanks to a looming Thursday Night Football matchup -- the odds were against Love and Green Bay picking up a victory against a talented Saints team.

Don't tell Matt LaFleur that, though. The Packers head coach dialed up a surprising trick play on a fourth-down call. Originally a run play to Emanuel Wilson, the Green Bay running back threw the ball off his back foot towards Love. What was supposed to happen after that, we can't quite say, given the play never really developed as its intended purpose.

Love never really gained his footing after being forced to reach down for the football, which made for a distinctly-horrible throwing motion as the Packers QB tried to launch the ball deep to his wide receiver.

What the heck happened on Packers failed trick play?

For any trick play to go right, every moving part has to be relatively flawless. When Wilson's throw hit the Lambeau Field grass, it was basically guaranteed that the play would be a bust, barring a memorable effort from Love.

The Utah State product was unable to recover the fumble and turn his eyes upfield quickly, thus throwing him out of his comfort zone. The only solution was the path Love chose, which was to chuck the football away, or in the direction of his wide receiver streaking downfield.

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