Packers fans are furious with Jimmy Graham for Lambeau Leap betrayal

Saints tight end Jimmy Graham didn't do the belt celebration after scoring a touchdown at Lambeau Field. He did something worse.

Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints
Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

Jordan Love's home debut at Lambeau Field has not gone accordingly to plan. The Packers are currently down 17-0 to the Saints in the third quarter, a bagel of a performance for Green Bay's supposed franchise quarterback.

To rub salt in the wound, an ex-Packers player on the Saints just had to celebrate his touchdown in the most obnoxious way possible.

Jimmy Graham -- remember him? His two years in Green Bay were hardly that memorable, but he was a Packer nonetheless. The 37-year-old Graham recorded over 1,000 receiving yards and five touchdowns during his time as a Packer in 2018 and 2019 but returned to the team that drafted him, the New Orleans Saints, this past season.

It only took Graham three games to haul in his first score for the black-and-gold. To celebrate, he chose to do the famous Lambeau Leap.... but does he know that Packers fans don't like him that much?

After Graham's eight-yard catch in the end zone in the first quarter, he unashamedly leaped into the throngs of Packers fans. Had Aaron Rodgers done that as a Jet, he might get spit on. But the cheeseheads in the stands just congratulated Graham and gave him pats on the back, which feels like the most friendly outcome of that situation.

Riot in Green Bay: Ex-Packers TE Jimmy Graham scores touchdown against former team

Hearing "Ex-Packer Jimmy Graham" sounds a little awkward considering Graham is best known for his years in NOLA.

Packers fans who were heated about Graham's "Lambeau Leap" celly maybe should direct their frustration at their team's defense, which has struggled to get crucial stops all game. Can Love lead the Packers to an unlikely comeback in Week 3?

If and when the Packers get their first points on the board this week, they can celebrate with as many Lambeau Leaps of their own.

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