Packers push Chicago's face in dirt some more, sign Michael Jordan after Week 1

NFL guard Michael Jordan just signed with the Green Bay Packers, only adding insult to injury for the Windy City faithful.
Detroit Lions v Carolina Panthers
Detroit Lions v Carolina Panthers / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

As if Chicago Bears fans weren't sick enough, they now hear that the Green Bay Packers have signed guard Michael Jordan to their practice squad.

Wait, what? Jordan? In Green Bay of all places?

Okay, so it's the NFL guard out of Ohio State, but the reaction across Twitter was priceless.

Chicago Bears continue to be at the mercy of the Packers as Michael Jordan is now in Green Bay

Week 1 was bad; the Bears got pushed over once again by the Packers, this for the ninth straight time that the fierce division rival has gotten the best of Da Bears, but getting Michael Jordan away from Chicago into Green Bay? That's just the lowest of the lows. Even if it's not the real MJ, it still stings just superficially.

Is there a player named Vince Lombardi or Curly Lambeau that Chicago could sign to its practice squad?

In order for Chicago to do anything about this, they have to find a way to get meaner and get even with Green Bay, and that starts with the line of scrimmage. Without that simple ingredient, the Packers will continue to toy with the Bears until the end of perpetuity. We saw it on Sunday as the Pack bullied their rivals in the trenches. And until it's fixed, that's what we'll continue to see.

This was the last thing the Chicaog Bears needed to deal with. Michael Jordan with a rival? That's about as infuriating as it gets. Let's just see if Jordan turns out to be a double agent and help Chicago in the process or has he firmly switched sides for good.

The latter would be flat-out devastating. At the very least, though, at least the real Michael Jordan never ended up on the Bucks. Now that would've been too much for any Bears fan to handle.

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