Patrick Mahomes says what everyone is thinking about Andy Reid after Super Bowl win

Patrick Mahomes states the obvious about Andy Reid and his stature among head coaches in NFL history after the Chiefs won yet another Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs / Harry How/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs pulled off the impossible, defeating the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 58 to take home their third Lombardi Trophy in the last five years. It might not have seemed impossible because Patrick Mahomes was running the show for Kansas City, but this Chiefs team finding a way to win it all after everything they went through is truly a testament to the greatness not only of Patrick Mahomes, but head coach Andy Reid.

Reid continues to show why he's not only the greatest offensive mind the game of football has ever seen, but he's the greatest head coach in NFL history. Just ask Mahomes what he thinks about Reid. He'd say the same thing.

Patrick Mahomes gives Andy Reid the credit he deserves after another Super Bowl win

When asked about Reid after the thrilling victory, Mahomes said outright that he believes Andy Reid is the best coach of all time. No sugarcoating, no hate towards anyone else, just facts. What Reid has done and continues to do only backs up that argument.

Like Mahomes, Reid took home his third Super Bowl ring on Sunday with Kansas City's victory. Three Super Bowls in 25 years as a head coach is not as impressive compared to Bill Belichick's six in 29 years, but let's see where the rings line up if Reid sticks around for the entirety of Mahomes' tenure in Kansas City.

What separates Reid from a guy like Belichick who most dub the greatest coach in NFL history (and for good reason) is his ability to win regardless of the team he's had around him. Yes, having Mahomes helps Reid reach heights he never reached without him. However, there are 19 years of winning sprinkled in for Reid that cannot be ignored. He might not have won rings, but he accomplished just about everything else.

Reid went 130-93-1 in 14 years coaching the Philadelphia Eagles. He then put together four straight winning seasons with the Chiefs before Mahomes took over and took the team to new levels. Reid clearly has had an absurd amount of playoff success with Mahomes, but he did rack up 11 playoff wins as a head coach before Mahomes came along.

Reid has been more than respectable without Mahomes, while Belichick has been lost in seasons in which he has not had Tom Brady. Belichick has gone 82-93 without Brady with a grand total of one playoff win. He posted a .769 win percentage with Brady and a .449 win percentage without him. Obviously, any coach would be better with the greatest QB of all time than without, but the difference is quite stark.

Reid's brilliant mind as a play-caller has shown he can win with anybody. He might not win Super Bowls with everybody, but he can win games. Belichick does not have the same track record without Brady as Reid has without Mahomes. It's not even close. And what Reid is doing with Mahomes is tracking to potentially be even more impressive than what Belichick did with Brady.

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