Patriots assistant personally offended by Bill Belichick hot seat rumors

New England Patriots assistant Bill O'Brien was personally offended by questions about Bill Belichick's job status.

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New England Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien did not take kindly to questions regarding Bill Belichick's job status. The Belichick coaching tree is an abject disaster, with O'Brien being a rare success story at Penn State and even briefly with the Houston Texans before things went south.

Belichick brought O'Brien back under his wing to mentor Mac Jones. That hasn't gone according to plan, with O'Brien showing plenty of frustration on the sidelines as Jones throws away his career. Some Patriots fans and NFL pundits have recognized what those in the front office and ownership likely already know -- this is the end of the Belichick dynasty.

Patriots assistant Bill O'Brien sounds off on Bill Belichick rumors

Should the Patriots hold onto past glory, or move on from the future Hall-of-Fame coach altogether? A parting of ways could work wonders for both sides. However, O'Brien disagrees.

“But, like, this is Bill Belichick we’re talking about. Bill Belichick has done so much for the game of football, the New England Patriots organization. It’s football, we’ve lost some tight games. You know, to think about what he’s done here in this organization, what he’s done for this community, what he’s done for this game — for the game, the game of football," O'Brien said, per NESN. "He’s been 50 years in the game of football. Just to me, like, I think everybody just needs to understand look, we’ve all got to win. We understand we’re in a winning business. We’re not winning right now. But I think you’ve also got to step back and just (say), ‘Hey, look at what this guy’s done for the game of football.’ I think that’s very important to think about.”

O'Brien went on to call the coaching rumors 'awkward'. The Patriots have suffered through three losing seasons without Brady. Surely the pressure of winning with this new regime is starting to get to them.

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