Paul Finebaum blasts take stating Caleb Williams should shut down his season

Paul Finebaum made his stance on Caleb Williams' playing status very clear.

Caleb Williams, USC
Caleb Williams, USC / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages

It seems like everyone has an opinion on USC quarterback Caleb Williams these days. Paul Finebaum just gave his, which ripped Emmanuel Acho's take to shreds.

After USC's 34-32 loss to Utah this past weekend, Fox Sports analyst Emmanuel Acho -- famous for his "Justin Herbert is a social media quarterback" take -- tweeted that Caleb Williams should consider sitting out the rest of the season. His reasoning: Since Williams is a long shot from winning the Heisman or reaching the CFB Playoffs, Williams should protect his draft stock by holding out and avoid getting injured.

On Monday, Finebaum vehemently disagreed with Acho's take.

Finebaum said, "I find that to be outrageous. I don’t know the people in Caleb Williams’ inner circle but they are possibly going to go down as the biggest bunch of fools that have ever advised a college football player. Starting out with wanting a piece of the franchise and now this."

Paul Finebaum dismisses 'outrageous' take that Caleb Williams should sit out for rest of season

Finebaum also gave some friendly advice to the Trojans quarterback, telling him to "have fun." He also practiced some tough love and told Williams, "You're not that important... Be a college player and try to lead your team to something good and quit acting like you’re more than you are."

Apart from the injury concerns, holding out for the rest of the season could make out to be a foolish decision from a moral and financial perspective. Williams would be ditching his teammates, many of whom he may see again and even play with again next year, assuming the projected No. 1 pick enters the NFL Draft.

Also, as the third-highest earner in college football, Williams would lose truckloads of money from his NIL agreements with Athletic Brewing Company, Fanatics, Beats by Dre, PlayStation, and other companies.

Long story short: Williams should not quit this far into the season. Put the Trojans on his back, get back to work, and see out the rest of his final college campaign.

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