Pedro Martinez begged for Yankees trade 3 times during Hall-of-Fame career

Pedro Martinez is best known for his accomplishments in a Boston Red Sox uniform. But did you know that he asked to be traded to the rival New York Yankees three times during his career?

Minnesota Twins vs. Boston Red Sox
Minnesota Twins vs. Boston Red Sox / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

Pedro Martinez certainly had a career to remember.

His best years came during his time with the Boston Red Sox. The Hall-of-Famer won three Cy Young Awards while with Boston and he even helped guide them to their curse-breaking World Series title in 2004.

However, the Hall of Famer recently dropped a bombshell in an interview with Santiago Matias of Alofoke FM 99.3, revealing that during his career, he asked to be traded to the rival New York Yankees three times.

Pedro Martinez to the New York Yankees was a possibility

Martinez did later play in New York, but for the Mets instead of the Yankees.

This news is certainly going to be difficult for Red Sox fans to hear. Martinez was a Boston icon and a fan favorite in the city.

The idea of him pitching with the Yankees is certainly a wild one. But it would have added salt to the wound in the rivalry between New York and Boston, further cementing the Yankees place as the 'Evil Empire' of baseball at the time.

Martinez had more than his fair share of struggles against the Yankees, before Boston's curse-breaking title. He was on the mound for New York's epic comeback in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS, which began a spiral for the right-hander.

Martinez would even go on to call the Yankees his "daddies," prompting "Who's your daddy" chants at Yankee Stadium during the 2004 ALCS.

New York already had Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte in their rotation during much of Martinez's time in Boston. Adding Martinez to the puzzle would have made the Yankees nearly unstoppable, and the Red Sox may have had to wait a little bit longer to break the curse.

Ultimately, the Red Sox are lucky that Martinez's wish of pitching with the Yankees never came to fruition. It's certainly a scenario that Red Sox fans would have hated to see play out.