Pete Rose, banned from MLB and overall bad person, trolls Shohei Ohtani for gambling scandal

Pete Rose entered the chat with an opinion that nobody asked for.

Cincinnati Reds legend Pete Rose addresses the crowd at Westbrook Country Club as part of the
Cincinnati Reds legend Pete Rose addresses the crowd at Westbrook Country Club as part of the / Jake Furr/News Journal / USA TODAY

The Shohei Ohtani scandal continues to be front and center in the baseball world, as the Los Angeles Dodgers superstar is caught in the middle of what could be the biggest gambling scandal in baseball since Pete Rose, MLB's hit king, who was banned from baseball for betting on the sport.

What's going on with this Ohtani saga is a mystery. Did he have any idea what was going on? Did he place bets himself? Nobody really knows, and there's a good chance it'll be a while before we ever find out.

Despite Ohtani being right in the middle of this, he's still allowed to play as if nothing is going on. That seems to disappoint Rose, who made his feelings abundantly clear on the matter.

Pete Rose trolls Shohei Ohtani for gambling scandal

"Back in the 70s and 80s, I wish I would've had an interpreter. I'd be scot-free."

First and foremost, it'd be nice if Rose, a man who is far from a saint, would just stop talking. His gambling was bad enough, but there's more to Rose than just that.

Rose is implying that Ohtani is guilty of something in this situation, whether it's gambling or knowingly giving Mizuhara the funds to cover his debts, and that Ohtani is framing his former interpreter. Rose is saying that if he had someone to frame, he would've been fine like Ohtani is right now. To that, we all say, be quiet.

We don't know much about what actually happened with Ohtani and Mizuhara, but nobody is accused of betting on baseball. Rose bet on his team for years while playing and managing, which is a step above gambling on other sports.

So, no, Pete. Even if you had someone to try and throw under the bus, you still bet on baseball. You got what you deserved. That's just one of many differences between your situation and Ohtani's.