Ump show: Phillies, Diamondbacks are in for rough night thanks to umpire disaster

Game 3 of the NLCS could get ugly depending on the officiating crew's decisions.

Dan Iassogna
Dan Iassogna / G Fiume/GettyImages

On Thursday, the Phillies will face the Diamondbacks for Game 3 of the NLCS in what could be a highly controversial game.

It was recently announced that umpire Dan Iassogna will be behind the plate for this game, an umpire who doesn't have the best track record in the MLB regular season.

Iassogna was reportedly ranked 79th out of 92 umpires this past season and owns a highlight reel of head-scratching calls. Some viewers noted that Iassogna leaned more toward a pitcher-friendly strike zone, particularly when it comes to outside pitchers to lefty hitters.

Umpire Dan Iassogna could ruin Game 3 of the NLCS between Phillies and D-Backs

All things considered, this could be worse. Angel Hernandez is arguably the most hated ump in the league right now, and fans of both teams are thanking their lucky stars he won't be officiating Game 3. Bryce Harper should be happy about that, too.

But Iassogna may not be that much better. While not a must-win game for either team, Game 3's results will still be pivotal and could nearly seal certain fates. The Phillies are up 2-0 and will want to keep their hot streak going. The D-Backs just got pummeled in Philadelphia and will be starting rookie Brandon Pfaadt, hoping for a little bit of luck to roll their way at home.

In light of the Dan Iossagna news, fans will be wondering why the MLB couldn't find a more reliable umpire crew to officiate postseason games. Yes, the umps can sometimes make calls that change the course of games. But ultimately, tonight's fate will rest squarely in each team's hands.

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