3 Phillies players on the September roster who don't deserve to play this postseason

The Philadelphia Phillies September roster is out, but not all of those players should make the postseason 26-man roster in a month.
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Phillies who won't play this postseason, No. 2: Cristian Pache

The Phillies will have Nick Castellanos in the outfield every day in the postseason, but the other two spots are a bit more up in the air. Brandon Marsh will be in there against righties, but his .229 average and .693 OPS against lefties leave a lot to be desired. Kyle Schwarber will be in the lineup every day in the postseason, but whether he plays left field with Bryce Harper at DH or he serves as the DH with Harper at first remains to be seen.

When the Phillies face a right-hander, the likely scenario is Jake Cave starts in left with Harper at first, Schwarber at DH, and Marsh in center. When they face a lefty, presumably the Phillies will stick Edmundo Sosa at third, Alec Bohm at first, Bryce Harper at DH, and Kyle Schwarber in left with an opening in center field.

Prior to landing on the IL, that center field spot against lefties is where Cristian Pache would fill in. Pache has had a ton of success against left-handers, but Johan Rojas has filled in recently and has done a nice job himself.

In all likelihood, one of these two won't be on the roster because it'd be redundant. They're both there primarily for their speed and defense. Rojas should have the nod for now because of the fact that he's been there and Pache has been out since early July, but if Pache swings a hot bat down the stretch that can absolutely change.