5 Pittsburgh Pirates players who shouldn't start next season in the big leagues

These five Pittsburgh Pirates players should not be part of the big-league roster to start the 2024 season if they want to become contenders.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago Cubs
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It's been a tough season for the Pittsburgh Pirates, whose fans are understandably frustrated after yet another losing year. The promise of a 2025 World Series window seems a little unrealistic given what Bucs supporters have gone through the past few years.

While some players do resemble a major-league product, others don't belong on the big-league squad but are receiving playing time for now. Frankly, someone has to play in these otherwise meaningless games alongside those who (hopefully) will one day help this proud baseball city heal.

Pittsburgh Pirates who won't be on the MLB roster next season: Connor Joe

While Connor Joe started his career off well with the Pittsburgh Pirates, he has recently been a tough watch. His main appeal is that he can play multiple positions. Besides that, since he is getting forced to play out of position, the Bucs struggle when he's on the field.

While he has hit ten home runs, which is his career high, he has also played in the most games of his career, and since joining, his strikeouts are almost at a career-high, with his ability to walk falling to one of the lowest points in his career. In his prior two seasons with the Colorado Rockies, he appeared to be a decent hitter that the Pirates should acquire.

The Pirates currently have a spot for Connor Joe, but with a stacked outfield, he can't play there long term. Even now, they can't play him in the infield (specifically, at first base) because a Carlos Santana reunion could be in the cards after trading him earlier this season. Joe is overall a pretty solid player, but he should only receive consistent playing time on a rebuilding team, not a contender or a team trying to contend.