5 Pittsburgh Pirates players who shouldn't start next season in the big leagues

These five Pittsburgh Pirates players should not be part of the big-league roster to start the 2024 season if they want to become contenders.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago Cubs
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Pittsburgh Pirates who won't be on the MLB roster next season: Jason Delay

The Pirates have no need to keep Jason Delay. They need to instead pair Henry Davis and Endy Rodriguez behind home plate, then have Rodriguez play first on his off-days while having Davis platoon as an outfielder.

There is no room for Delay on this team. Davis can't play well in the outfield and must often receive time at catcher to make up for his lack of defensive skills. At the same time, when a catcher is in the game to help score runs, Delay rarely helps the situation, leaving runners on base frequently.

Delay has the potential to be with the Pirates in the 2024 season, but it solely depends on whether or not the Bucs intend on using Davis fully in the outfield. If they decide to only use Davis in the outfield, Delay may keep his job. But if they want Davis to continue to play catcher too, Delay will have to look for another team because having three catchers on the squad would be a questionable array of resources.