5 Pittsburgh Pirates players who shouldn't start next season in the big leagues

These five Pittsburgh Pirates players should not be part of the big-league roster to start the 2024 season if they want to become contenders.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago Cubs
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Pittsburgh Pirates who won't be on the MLB roster next season: Alika Williams

Alika Williams holds many similarities to former Pirates like Kevin Newman, who was shipped off to the Cincinnati Reds. But when Oneil Cruz returns, Williams won't have a spot in the lineup.

Just like Kevin Newman, he can play really good defensive shortstop, but his hitting could use some work. In high-leverage situations to help the team win games, he is 2-for-17 with a batting average of .118 and two walks. This stat alone isn't too bad, but when you see his OPS+ is sitting at 49 (100 average), you realize a pitcher could probably hit better than him in clutch situations.

While he shows potential to be a good contact-hitter, he hasn't been decent in the majors and should probably develop more in the minors.