Power Ranking every single starting QB of the 2023 season

There were more than 60 quarterbacks who started a game in the NFL this season. With so many injuries, where do we rank every one from Zach Wilson to Patrick Mahomes?
Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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65. Jaren Hall
Minnesota Vikings

Jaren Hall started two games this season. In one, he led a touchdown drive on one series before getting injured on said drive, and the other might be the worst QB performance of the season. He threw for 67 yards, an interception and a lost fumble against the Packers on New Year's Eve. That loss pretty much knocked the Vikings out of the playoff race. Woof.

64. Tim Boyle
New York Jets

It seems very unusual to have an NFL quarterback start a game for a team and get cut by that team in the same season. It actually happened a few times this year. Tim Boyle was the worst, as the Jets were desperate to get rid of the Zach Wilson stink. Unfortunately, they turned to Aaron Rodgers' friend Tim Boyle. Yes, that is his credential because we can't see any other reason he started a game this season.

63. Brett Rypien
Los Angeles Rams

Brett Rypien's situation is slightly different than Boyle's, as he had to jump in after Matthew Stafford got injured. However, his performance was similar, and it led to the Rams cutting him outright. Ironically, the Jets signed Rypien after they cut Boyle. Imagine if the Jets just signed the player that was the backup last season.

62. Blaine Gabbert
Kansas City Chiefs
61. Jeff Driskel
Cleveland Browns
60. Tyler Huntley
Baltimore Ravens
59. Sam Darnold
San Francisco 49ers
58. Carson Wentz
Los Angeles Rams

We're pairing all of these together because they were Week 18 spot starts as all of these teams secured their spot in the playoffs and had no reason to start the starter. Some are fun (who thought Carson Wentz would start a game this season), but others not so much (Blaine Gabbert probably isn't getting another NFL job after this). Either way, nothing of note here.