Power Ranking every single starting QB of the 2023 season

There were more than 60 quarterbacks who started a game in the NFL this season. With so many injuries, where do we rank every one from Zach Wilson to Patrick Mahomes?

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50. Desmond Ridder
Atlanta Falcons

We just don't see the Desmond Ridder fascination in Atlanta, and it seems like it cost Arthur Smith his job. They got Taylor Heinicke (more on him later) to be a player to take over if Ridder didn't excel. So why did it take so long? Ridder finished the season with 12 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. He was just... boring. The Falcons gave him a shot to be starter, but he's just not good enough.

49. Mac Jones
New England Patriots

Have we ever seen a player fall off so quickly as Mac Jones? We forget this was the second-place Rookie of the Year nominee, narrowly losing the award to a historic season from Ja'Marr Chase. Since then, Jones has fallen off a cliff. We were hoping Bill O'Brien could get Jones back to his Alabama statline, but it wasn't the case. Jones threw for 10 touchdowns and 12 interceptions this season as he fell into the fight between Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft. No other QB has needed a change of scenery more.

48. Jarrett Stidham
Denver Broncos

Jarrett Stidham didn't have a terrible season for what it was, but it really wasn't anything. He replaced Russell Wilson when there was still an outside shot the team could make the playoffs. He also had a chance to become the Broncos' number one going into next season. Neither happened, as he put together two average games that were low-impact. There were definitely worse performances this season, but he doesn't deserve better than this for now.

47. Tyson Bagent
Chicago Bears

Tyson Bagent was a fun little story for a little while. The West Virginia native looked decent for a game or two. For a short time, some were saying the Bears should move forward with Bagent instead of Justin Fields. That was, of course, preposterous. Bagent ended the season with three touchdowns and six interceptions. That's about what we expected.

46. Nick Mullins
Minnesota Vikings

Just writing the name Nick Mullins brings stress. He was so volatile that head coach Kevin O'Connell put the Vikings playoff hopes in the hands of Jaren Hall. That was a bad decision, but more on that later. It was honestly strange they didn't just keep Mullins in the seat and live with the results. He throws a lot of interceptions. Like a ton. He threw an interception on about five percent of his passes. That would be way more than anyone who qualifies, but he also made huge plays and could win games.