Power Ranking every single starting QB of the 2023 season

There were more than 60 quarterbacks who started a game in the NFL this season. With so many injuries, where do we rank every one from Zach Wilson to Patrick Mahomes?
Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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45. Zach Wilson
New York Jets

We stretched this as long as possible, but Zach Wilson couldn't possibly be any lower. This kid had everything go wrong for him, and it was a set up to fail, but he failed in such a spectacular fashion that it's impressive in the worst possible way. Wilson was awful for parts of the season and kind of fine for a very small part as well. Wilson beat the Bills, who ended up winning the division. He also lost to the Patriots when the Jets were desperate for wins. Wilson was so tentative it impacted his performance. He was so afraid to make a mistake, he never took a chance. And he deserves no better than this spot.

44. C.J. Beathard
Jacksonville Jaguars

C.J. Beathard was put in a rough position, trying to keep the Jacksonville Jaguars in a playoff race as Trevor Lawrence dealt with injury upon injury. He had a couple of decent throws, but it was nothing to go home about. The game was pretty easy, as the Jaguars rolled to a 26-0 win over the hapless Panthers.

43. Andy Dalton
Carolina Panthers

Andy Dalton only had one start this season, but it was a pretty good start. He was asked to throw the ball 58 (!!!) times. He finished the game with two touchdowns and zero interceptions. The Panthers were asking Dalton to save the season, and he made his best effort against the Seahawks. The Panthers ended up losing the game, and they went back to Bryce Young (who was out with an injury) for the rest of the season, but Dalton was pretty good. They probably don't have the number-one overall pick (well, the Bears have it) if he starts every game.

42. Ryan Tannehill
Tennessee Titans

The Ryan Tannehill experience is about to come to an end in Tennessee, but it was sure fun while it lasted. He's going to be a veteran backup somewhere until he decides to retire. He might even get a spot start here and there. That's what we learned Tannehill is best at doing at this point in his career. He's no longer a starter, but he's a high-quality backup. The Titans learned that, too. Unfortunately, it was too late to save Mike Vrabel's job.

41. Bryce Young
Carolina Panthers

This will always be a giant question, as rumors swirled the new Carolina Panthers coaching staff wanted CJ Stroud, who as you can tell, hasn't been mentioned yet. Bryce Young had sparing moments where he showed something, but they were so fleeting they aren't even worth mentioning. He finished the season terribly, which is the most concerning aspect of this. One would hope a quarterback would get better as the season went on. Young finished his last game with under 100 yards passing.