Printable Super Bowl squares grid for LVIII between Chiefs, 49ers in 2024

Here are some common questions you might have for setting up your own Super Bowl squares competition, as well as a printable option.

Super Bowl LVIII - Previews
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How to read Super Bowl squares grid

You may have been passed a strange grid at the office or by a family friend who asked you if you would like to contribute money and purchase a square. Your first instinct might be to wonder if you're getting scammed or contributing to some sort of spreadsheet-worshipping cult.

A full post on how Super Bowl squares works can be found here, but here's the sparknotes:

The numbers on the top correspond to the last digit in the home team's score. The numbers on the left-hand side correspond to the away team's score. People buy individual cells on the grid. At the end of each quarter, the cell that intersects both applicable numbers in the grid wins that quarter, with designated payouts at certain points in the game (normally quarters, halves, and game).

What team goes on top of Super Bowl squares?

If you want to stick to the rules and code of the much-revered game of Squares, the home team goes on top of the grid. In reality, though, not much would go wrong if you inverted the grids, even if it were technically incorrect. So if you've set it up with the "away" team up top, your game will go on as normal, just be sure to double-check that you're scoring the game properly.

You might be asking yourself... Wait, what home team? I thought this was played at a neutral site?

While, yes, the game is a neutral site game and there's no real home field advantage in this case (though one could argue the Chiefs annual dominance on the road vs the Raiders suggests otherwise) the AFC and NFC trade-off the "home team" honors each year which determine things like what team gets to call the coin toss.

Super Bowl 58 squares template: Printable or digital

You can download and print this template here by going to File -> Print. Alternatively you can make a copy of the document and fill it out digitally.

Once you have it downloaded, you can set it up by randomizing the numbers. Here's a full post on how to facilitate your own game of squares on Super Bowl Sunday!