Projected college football rankings after Texas makes statement over Alabama

Texas Longhorns quarterback Quinn Ewers.
Texas Longhorns quarterback Quinn Ewers. / John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Is Texas back? The Longhorns have never been closer to proving that to be the case than their Week 2 victory over Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

Quinn Ewers and a stout Texas defense made a statement against the Tide alright. They didn't just win the game. They made it very clear they were the better team from start to finish.

Steve Sarkisian pulled off a rare feat: He outcoached Nick Saban.

Where does that put Texas in terms of the college football rankings? How far will Alabama fall?

Projected college football rankings after Texas beat Alabama

  1. Georgia
  2. Michigan
  3. Florida State
  4. Texas
  5. Ohio State
  6. USC
  7. Penn State
  8. Washington
  9. Notre Dame
  10. Alabama
  11. Tennessee
  12. Utah
  13. Oregon
  14. LSU
  15. Kansas State
  16. Oregon State
  17. North Carolina
  18. Oklahoma
  19. Ole Miss
  20. Duke
  21. Colorado
  22. Iowa
  23. UCLA
  24. Miami
  25. Tulane

Texas should be no lower than No. 4, in one of the College Football Playoff spots, after that performance. You could even make the argument for them to sit at No. 3 over Florida State, though the Seminoles' win over LSU still grants them that place here.

Ohio State's middling performance against Youngstown State wasn't enough to stop the Longhorn leapfrog. Not with Texas taking a Saban team to task. The Buckeyes will have their chances later in the season to prove they belong in the Top 4.

As for Alabama, they'll tumble, but only as far as No. 10, ahead of Tennessee after their embarrassingly-messy win over Austin Peay.

Losses Wisconsin to Washington State and Texas A&M via Miami drop those teams out of the Top 25. The Hurricanes jump right in.

Clemson's terrible first half against Charleston Southern should end their time in the rankings early. But Tulane shouldn't feel ashamed over their competitive loss to Ole Miss without starting quarterback Michael Pratt. They should stay in at No. 25.

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