PWHL 2024 official rosters announced for all six teams

The full rosters have been announced for the 2024 season of the Professional Women's Hockey League.

Kraken Sisters (Odesa) v Panthers (Kharkiv) - Ukrainian Women's Hockey Championship
Kraken Sisters (Odesa) v Panthers (Kharkiv) - Ukrainian Women's Hockey Championship / Global Images Ukraine/GettyImages

While many are counting down to the end of the year, hockey fans are counting down to the start of the inaugural Professional Women's Hockey League. The latest venture in women's professional hockey, the PWHL has come through years of hard work and transformations in the sport. Women's hockey will have the opportunity to shine this winter with the best talent available in six major markets. New York, Boston, Montreal, Minnesota, Ottawa, and Toronto will play host for the first season. Since this new league was announced in August, there has been a draft, free agency and now official rosters have been announced. 

Training Camps started in November with an abundance of talent on all teams. Many of these players were signed from the first-ever PWHL draft, including some of the biggest names in the sport. The goal was to give these amazing athletes a place where they can play the sport they love and be compensated accordingly as professional athletes. 

Now that full rosters are announced, each team has 26 players. 23 are signed to a standard player agreement and three are reserved. When this league began, there was a clause stating that of the contracts awarded per team, six of those contracts must be for a minimum of $80,000 per year for three years.

The 2024 PWHL official roster lineups are as follows:


Forwards (13)
Brandt, Hannah (Drafted 5-27)
Darkangelo, Shiann (Drafted 12-70)
Gabel, Loren (Drafted 4-22)
Girard, Taylor (Drafted 9-51)
Knight, Hilary (Signed FA)
Kosta, Nicole (Camp Invite)
Marvin, Gigi (Camp Invite)
Müller, Alina (Drafted 1-3)
Pelkey, Amanda (Camp Invite)
Rattray, Jamie Lee (Drafted 3-15)
Schafzahl, Theresa (Drafted 7-39)
Shirley, Sophie (Drafted 11-63)
Wenczkowski, Taylor (Camp Invite)

Defenders (7)
Brown, Emily (Drafted 8-46)
DiGirolamo, Jessica (Drafted 6-34)
Fratkin, Kaleigh (Camp Invite)
Healey, Jess (Drafted 15-87)
Jaques, Sophie (Drafted 2-10)
Keller, Megan (Signed FA)
Morin, Sidney (Drafted 9-49 MIN)

Goaltenders (3)
Frankel, Aerin (Signed FA)
Kronish, Cami (Camp Invite)
Söderberg, Emma (Drafted 10-58)

Reserves (3)
Buckles, Emma (Drafted 13-75) D
Davis, Sammy (Camp Invite) F
Isbell, Samantha (Camp Invite) F


Forwards (13)
Bryant, Brooke (Camp Invite)
Butorac, Claire (Camp Invite)
Cava, Michela (Drafted 12-72)
Coyne Schofield, Kendall (Signed FA)
DeGeorge, Clair (Drafted 6-36)
Fleming, Brittyn (Camp Invite)
Heise, Taylor (Drafted 1-1)
Křížová, Denisa (Drafted 8-48)
Kunin, Sophia (Drafted 10-60)
Pannek, Kelly (Signed FA)
Schepers, Liz (Drafted 13-73)
Tapani, Susanna (Drafted 5-25)
Zumwinkle, Grace (Drafted 3-13)

Defenders (7)
Buchbinder, Natalie (Drafted 7-37)
Channell, Mellissa (Drafted 10-59 TOR)
Cook, Abby (Camp Invite)
Flaherty, Maggie (Drafted 4-24)
Greco, Emma (Camp Invite)
Kremer, Dominique (Camp Invite)
Stecklein, Lee (Signed FA)

Goaltenders (3)
Hensley, Nicole (Drafted 2-12)
Leveille, Amanda (Drafted 11-61)
Rooney, Maddie (Camp Invite)

Reserves (3)
Bench, Lauren (Camp Invite) G
Boreen, Abigail (Camp Invite) F
Nightengale, Nikki (Camp Invite) D

LTIR (1)
Brodt, Sydney (Drafted 15-85) F


Forwards (13)
Bettez, Ann-Sophie (Drafted 14-79)
Bujold, Sarah (Camp Invite)
Dalton, Claire (Drafted 12-67)
David, Gabrielle (Drafted 9-54)
Dempsey, Jillian (Drafted 11-66)
Lefort, Sarah (Camp Invite)
Lum, Leah (Camp Invite)
Marchment, Kennedy (Drafted 6-31)
Murphy, Maureen (Drafted 3-18)
O’Neill, Kristin (Drafted 2-7)
Poulin, Marie-Philip (Signed FA)
Stacey, Laura (Signed FA)
Vanišová, Tereza (Drafted 7-42)

Defenders (7)
Ambrose, Erin (Drafted 1-6)
Bizal, Madison (Drafted 8-43)
Daoust, Catherine (Camp Invite)
Keopple, Mariah (Camp Invite)
Laganière, Brigitte (Camp Invite)
Lásková, Dominika (Drafted 4-19)
Tabin, Kati (Drafted 5-30)

Goaltenders (3)
Boissonnault, Marlène (Camp Invite)
Chuli, Elaine (Drafted 13-78)
Desbiens, Ann-Renée (Signed FA)

Reserves (3)
Daoust, Mélodie (Camp Invite) F
Dubois, Catherine (Camp Invite) F
Poznikoff, Alexandra (Camp Invite) F


Forwards (13)
Aurard, Chloé (Drafted 4-21)
Carpenter, Alex (Signed FA)
Downie-Landry, Jade (Drafted 9-52)
Eldridge, Jessie (Drafted 3-16)
Giguère, Elizabeth (Drafted 5-28)
Labelle, Alexandra (Drafted 15-88)
Levis, Paetyn (Drafted 10-57)
Norcross, Savannah (Camp Invite)
Packer, Madison (Camp Invite)
Roque, Abby (Signed FA)
Saulnier, Jill (Drafted 7-40)
Vespa, Kayla (Drafted 13-76)
Woods, Emma (Drafted 14-81)

Defenders (7)
Baker, Taylor (Camp Invite)
Bourbonnais, Jaime (Drafted 2-9)
Fällman, Johanna (Camp Invite)
Hobson, Brooke (Drafted 8-45)
Shelton, Ella (Drafted 1-4)
Zafuto, Olivia (Drafted 12-69)
Zandee-Hart, Micah (Signed FA)

Goaltenders (3)
Levy, Abbey (Drafted 11-64)
Post, Lindsey (Camp Invite)
Schroeder, Corinne (Drafted 6-33)

Reserves (3)
Gruschow, Alexa (Camp Invite) F
Olivier, Carley (Camp Invite) D
Thompson, Claire (Camp Invite) D


Forwards (13)
Adzija, Lexie (Drafted 11-65)
Clark, Emily (Signed FA)
Della Rovere, Kristin (Drafted 10-56)
Garát-Gasparics, Fanni (Camp Invite)
Gilmore, Becca (Camp Invite)
Grant-Mentis, Mikyla (Camp Invite)
Hughes, Gabrielle (Drafted 4-20)
Jenner, Brianne (Signed FA)
Mrázová, Kateřina (Drafted 8-44)
Scamurra, Hayley (Drafted 5-29)
Shiga, Akane (Camp Invite)
Snodgrass, Natalie (Camp Invite)
Watts, Daryl (Drafted 6-32)

Defenders (7)
Bell, Ashton (Drafted 2-8)
Boulier, Amanda (Drafted 13-77)
Boyd, Zoe (Drafted 9-53)
Harmon, Savannah (Drafted 1-5)
Howran, Victoria (Camp Invite)
Roese, Jincy (Drafted 3-17)
Tejralová, Aneta (Drafted 7-41)

Goaltenders (3)
Abstreiter, Sandra (Drafted 12-68)
Maschmeyer, Emerance (Signed FA)
McQuigge, Rachel (Camp Invite)

Reserves (3)
Davison, Taylor (Camp Invite) D
Demers, Rosalie (Camp Invite) F
Schneider, Malia (Camp Invite) F


Forwards (13)
Cogan, Samantha (Camp Invite)
Compher, Jesse (Drafted 5-26)
Connors, Maggie (Drafted 11-62)
Howard, Brittany (Drafted 8-47)
Jones, Jess (Camp Invite)
Leslie, Rebecca (Drafted 12-71)
Maltais, Emma (Drafted 2-11)
Miller, Hannah (Drafted 13-74)
Nurse, Sarah (Signed FA)
Spooner, Natalie (Drafted 4-23)
Turnbull, Blayre (Signed FA)
Vasko, Alexa (Drafted 14-83)
Willoughby, Kaitlin (Camp Invite)

Defenders (7)
Fast, Renata (Signed FA)
Flanagan, Kali (Drafted 6-35)
Knowles, Olivia (Drafted 15-86)
Larocque, Jocelyne (Drafted 1-2)
Munroe, Allie (Drafted 9-50)
Poulin-Labelle, Maude (Drafted 10-55 MTL)
Rougeau, Lauriane (Camp Invite)

Goaltenders (3)
Campbell, Kristen (Drafted 3-14)
Howe, Erica (Camp Invite)
Jackson, Carly (Camp Invite)

Reserves (3)
Bach, Victoria (Drafted 7-38) F
Keenan, Emma (Camp Invite) D
Kondas, Jessica (Camp Invite) D

157 of the world’s best players, representing 12 different countries from around the globe, can now call themselves PWHL players. All of these players have spent the last few weeks in camp in their respective training facilities and have spent time in Utica, NY scrimmaging before the start of the season. The puck will drop for the first time in the PWHL on Jan. 1. The full schedules can be seen here.