5 candidates Raiders have to look at to replace Josh McDaniels

Here are some of the best head-coaching candidates to replace Josh McDaniels for next season.
Josh McDaniels, Las Vegas Raiders
Josh McDaniels, Las Vegas Raiders / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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3. Someone will hire Dan Quinn this cycle, might as well be the Raiders

Like with Brian Callahan, this hiring may be crazy enough to where it just might work. Even though he returned to the Dallas Cowboys for a third straight season, I would be beyond shocked if their defensive coordinator Dan Quinn is not leading his own team in 2024. He has taken his name out of coaching conversations previously, but most of that had to do with the Denver Broncos shenanigans.

The former head coach of the Atlanta Falcons and defensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks is a good man, but needs to carefully pick where he goes in his second, and potentially final, head-coaching opportunity. I do not know if the Raiders are the right franchise for him to align himself with, but he could be the one to galvanize a downtrodden franchise like seemingly nobody else really can.

It would be a great opportunity for him to assemble a strong, up-and-coming staff, as well as a chance to take a blue-chipper in the first round at the quarterback position. He won a lot of games with the Falcons with Matt Ryan as his star quarterback. Of course, his side of the ball is what let the Falcons down and led to his dismissal. I do not trust this Raiders defense, and neither should you...

Quinn to the Raiders could change their dynamic, but I think he would covet way better ownership.