Ranking 5 Chiefs starting QBs who played for 49ers first

The Kansas City Chiefs have long had an affinity for former San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks. How did they rank in their performance with the Chiefs?

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Joe Montana
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Joe Montana / Joseph Patronite/GettyImages
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2. Joe Montana, 1993-94

Montana played just two seasons in Kansas City, at the very end of his career. He comes in at number two on this list mainly because he has the most playoff wins in Chiefs history by any quarterback not named Dawson or Mahomes.

Montana went 2-2 for the Chiefs in the postseason and 17-8 during the regular season. He threw 5,437 yards and had 29 touchdowns and 16 interceptions while completing 60.7 percent of his pass attempts.

He helped the Chiefs beat the Steelers and Oilers before losing to the Bills in the AFC Championship game in 1993, earning the two wins that bring him to second on this list.

Everyone knows that Montana was an all-time great quarterback and played almost all of his career for San Francisco, but Chiefs' fans got to watch him those final two years, and he was still good. He was still Joe Montana.