Ranking the 3 best trade packages the Warriors can get for Andrew Wiggins

The Warriors are reportedly open to offers on Andrew Wiggins but can they actually get a big enough return to make a trade worth the trouble?

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Andrew Wiggins has had a rough season and while he's been playing better of late it hasn't been nearly enough to remove him from the trade market. So far this season, he's averaging 12.1 points, 4.2 rebounds and 1.5 assists per game, shooting a paltry 31.1 percent from beyond the arc. All of those numbers are a huge drop-off from what he's provided the Warriors in the past.

The Warriors are exploring all sorts of options at the trade deadline but are reportedly not entertaining Draymond Green or Klay Thompson. Wiggins is still a key part of their rotation but his $24 milliion salary makes him one of the few trade chips the Warriors could use to fetch a top tier talent.

The problem is Wiggins' struggles haven't exactly created a seller's market for his services and it's not clear the Warriors can find a workable trade that actually makes them better. Still, here are a few options that kind-of, sort-of work.

3. Detroit Pistons

With Kuminga's recent performance uptick and Moses Moody having yet to establish himself in the Warriors' rotation, the Warriors can afford to lose these players.

Warriors pistons

Burks and Bogdanovic constitute the Pistons' 3-point shooting corps. The two have combined to hit 180 3-pointers, accounting for a third of the Pistons' 543 3-pointers this season. Burks and Bogdanovic might be a better complement to Steph Curry than Cade Cunningham, as Curry's proven ability to shoot from deep forces defenses to constantly gravitate towards him. Therefore, defenders must leave Burks, a 39.2 percent shooter, or Bogdanovich, a 42.5 percent shooter, wide open.

It wouldn't be surprising if Burks and Bogdanovich flourished in Golden State's system. Their role would be to come off the bench as veterans. They compensate for their lack of athleticism with their shooting ability. With Wiggins in Detroit, we would get a little bit younger on the wing, and even still, he's a tenured guy. Moody has been put on hold by the Warriors for a while now. Let the Pistons be the team that finally gives him a shot.