Ranking Justin Fields landing spots with trade from Bears appearing likely

With Justin Fields increasingly likely to be traded, here are some of the best landing spots for him.

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears
Justin Fields, Chicago Bears / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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4. Minnesota Vikings would be higher up if not for NFC North reasons

Not going to lie. This one came as quite the shock when I first heard about it. Since when do teams trade franchise quarterbacks in-division? That would be the case if the Minnesota Vikings were to somehow land the former starter from Chicago. Minnesota is very close to contending, but the Vikings are looking to get a bit younger at quarterback after seeing Kirk Cousins tear his Achilles.

The Vikings are in a similar boat as the New York Giants in that they may want to draft a new quarterback very high in the first round, but aren't necessarily in a position to get a top-two guy. Minnesota could stand pat and draft someone like either J.J. McCarthy out of Michigan or Bo Nix out of Oregon. Or they could do what we thought was impossible, which is to trade for Justin Fields...

The fact this news is out there gives the Vikings' chances at potentially landing him some real legitimacy. However, given that trading in-conference is always tough, it makes it that much more being in-division. Trading Fields to the Vikings could blow up in the Bears' face, especially if he goes on a decade-long run of dominance at the positions, with plenty of Pro Bowl berths sprinkled in there.

Minnesota may covet Fields, but the amount it will take to trade for him makes a deal very unlikely.