Ranking Justin Fields landing spots with trade from Bears appearing likely

With Justin Fields increasingly likely to be traded, here are some of the best landing spots for him.

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears
Justin Fields, Chicago Bears / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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3. Pittsburgh Steelers should make a move, but this team is so stubborn

For Pittsburgh Steelers reasons, a trade involving Fields is far less likely than it should be. He is way better than Kenny Pickett, as well as popular backup Mason Rudolph who looks to be coming back to the Steelers yet again in his free agency. Once again, this is why you cannot whiff when you draft a quarterback so high. The Steelers are making another bad decision after a terrible one to get Pickett.

Fields is perfect for what the Steelers want to do offensively. He is the far better version of what Arthur Smith had in Desmond Ridder and Marcus Mariota in Atlanta. Fields can run a little bit, and has already thrived playing in a harsh northern climate from his days with Chicago and Ohio State. By trading for Fields, the Steelers raise their ceiling to being a 12-5 division winner almost immediately.

While the Steelers were never going to be the likeliest trade destination for a guy like Fields, they are a place he could go to and win right away. Along with the Minnesota Vikings, the pieces are there to contend pretty quickly. However, there is a chance that it could blow up for everyone involved. The right quarterback has to go to the Steelers. The problem is that I don't that quarterback is out there.

Watch Yinzers pull the rest of their remaining hair out after Pickett leads the team to a 9-8 record.