Ranking Justin Fields landing spots with trade from Bears appearing likely

With Justin Fields increasingly likely to be traded, here are some of the best landing spots for him.

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears
Justin Fields, Chicago Bears / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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2. Las Vegas Raiders have Luke Getsy on their side to this thing done

Biases aside, I really like the idea of Fields going to the Las Vegas Raiders. They are in need of a new starting quarterback. Jimmy Garoppolo is the most cooked, but extraordinarily handsome human being to grace this earth since Scott Erickson. Aidan O'Connell is a fine player, but has an incredibly low ceiling as an NFL starter. The Raiders already have a connection in the building in Luke Getsy.

With the Bears parting ways with their former offensive coordinator after last season, the hiring of Getsy actually works out quite well for the Silver and Black. Yes, they may have wanted Kliff Kingsbury more, but Getsy would be a huge asset in getting the Raiders to win the Fields sweepstakes. There are pieces to be had offensively. With it being the same offensive system, it will be very plug and play.

There is one other team that I think has a tremendous shot to get Fields. I will touch on them in just a minute. However, don't be shocked if Fields is the starting quarterback for the Raiders next year. I may even say it is my best guess as to where he is going to go. However, the Raiders must do something because they cannot trade up 11 spots from No. 13 to go get Antonio Piece's guy Jayden Daniels.

If Fields played for a team in the AFC next year, the smart money would have to be on the Raiders.