Ranking the potential Super Bowl matchups from best to worst

There are just four teams left in the running to appear in Super Bowl LVIII. Which matchup would provide the most entertainment value for NFL fans?

Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers
Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

We are less than three weeks away from Super Bowl LVIII and there are just four teams left vying for the Lombardi Trophy. The Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers are the last four NFL teams standing and we will know which two of them will meet in Las Vegas by 10 p.m. ET on Sunday night.

There are four possible matchups left for the big game and we have actually seen three of them already in the regular season. Which potential Super Bowl matchups would provide the most entertainment value for football fans?

Super Bowl matchup entertainment value rankings

4. Detroit Lions vs. Baltimore Ravens

While seeing the Lions in the Super Bowl for the first time would be very interesting, this potential matchup with Baltimore would not offer much potential for a compelling game. These teams met at M&T Bank Stadium back in Week 7 and the Ravens blew out the Lions 38-6, scoring the first 35 points of the game to put the contest well out of reach.

A neutral site would theoretically increase the competitiveness of the game but Baltimore's power running game combined with Lamar Jackson's dual-threat ability is a problem Detroit's defense would have a tough time solving. If this matchup occurred the point spread may be as high as seven points, which would hint that oddsmakers feel there is significant blowout potential with this Super Bowl.

3. Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers

This is the only matchup that didn't occur during the regular season but it would be a rematch of Super Bowl LIV, where the Chiefs beat the 49ers to secure their first Lombardi Trophy in 50 years. A lot of the same faces are still present on both sidelines but one notable exception is at quarterback for San Francisco, with Jimmy Garoppolo gone and Brock Purdy under center.

Purdy has struggled in the face of a strong pass rush, which could be a problem for the 49ers since the Chiefs' defense has been a big team strength down the stretch. America could also be feeling some Chiefs' fatigue since Kansas City has appeared in three of the past four Super Bowls, which may lessen the hype for a compelling matchup on paper.

2. Kansas City Chiefs vs. Detroit Lions

The NFL script writers would have a fun time with this one if 2023's kick-off game ended up being the same matchup as the Super Bowl. Detroit made their mark to America with an upset of the Chiefs on Opening Night although it is important to note that Kansas City was playing without tight end Travis Kelce, who missed the game due to injury, and defensive tackle Chris Jones, who was holding out in a contract dispute.

Both players figure to be available for this game and there would be a revenge angle for the Chiefs, which doesn't really exist in a matchup with the 49ers. When you add in the potential for Detroit to win its first Super Bowl being much higher here than it would be against the Ravens this game could be very exciting.

1. San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens

There wouldn't be a bigger Super Bowl matchup than a contest matching the NFL's two best teams during the regular season. The hype around the Christmas Day meeting between Baltimore and San Francisco was through the roof before Baltimore's strong start put the contest away early.

The 49ers will be highly motivated to avenge the embarrassment of that game on the biggest stage possible, making this potential Super Bowl a treat. There is also more history as these two teams met in the Super Bowl 11 years ago, with Baltimore winning the Harbowl to secure their second title, so getting a rematch here would be very exciting for NFL fans.