Rashard Mendenhall's delusional tweets give Steelers Twitter new excuse to roast him

Steelers fans aren't over that fumble.

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall
Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall /

There's a rule on social media: Each day on Twitter there is one main character. The goal is to never be it

Former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall was the main character on Twitter on Monday because of a tweet he sent proposing an "All-Black vs. All-White" Pro Bowl.

"I’m sick of average white guys commenting on football. Y’all not even good at football. Can we please replace the Pro Bowl with an All-Black vs. All-White bowl so these cats can stop trying to teach me who’s good at football. I’m better than ur goat," Mendenhall tweeted.

The tweet was met with anger from some circles and laughter from others. Jokes were floated about whether two tight end sets featuring Travis Kelce and George Kittle could make up for deficiencies at cornerback for the All-White team in this hypothetical game.

But over on Steelers Twitter, Mendenhall's name coming up brought back bad memories of a Super Bowl victory that wasn't.

Fans in Pittsburgh ripped into Mendenhall for his costly fumble in Super Bowl XLV.

Steelers fans roast Rashard Mendenhall over Super Bowl fumble

Mendenhall's career year in 2010 helped get the Steelers to the big game but the moment fans truly remember from that season was his low point.

At the start of the fourth quarter, Mendenhall took a big hit from Clay Matthews and fumbled the ball. The Packers recovered and went on to score a touchdown, going up 28-17. Green Bay won the game and the title, 31-25.

That was over a decade ago but so long as Mendenhall's name comes up, that moment will be a sore spot.

Mendenhall played in Pittsburgh until 2012 when his Steelers career came to a disappointing end. He struggled with injuries, was suspended for conduct detrimental to the team because he didn't show up for a game after he found out he wouldn't dress and was benched because of bad fumbling problems.

He finished his career after a season with the Cardinals in 2013, retiring at the age of 26.

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