What is administrative leave in MLB? The latest on Rays and Wander Franco

MLB placed Tampa Bay Rays star Wander Franco on administrative leave due to an investigation into social media allegations in the Dominican Republic.
May 11, 2023; Bronx, New York, USA; Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Wander Franco (5) looks out from the
May 11, 2023; Bronx, New York, USA; Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Wander Franco (5) looks out from the / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

On Aug. 14, the Tampa Bay Rays placed shortstop Wander Franco on the restricted list. The reason is that numerous social media posts alleged Franco was having inappropriate relationships with minors. Upon being placed on the restricted list, an investigation in the Dominican Republic was opened regarding these allegations.

Since Franco was placed on the restricted list, he was technically not an active member of the Rays' roster, which opened up a spot on the team. Once that announcement was made, the baseball world wondered when MLB would place Franco on administrative leave.

On Tuesday, MLB officially released a statement, announcing that Franco was officially on administrative leave as he is currently under investigation.

What is administrative leave? Everything to know about Wander Franco and the Rays

ESPN's Jeff Passan detailed the Franco situation and what it means for him to be placed on administrative leave. Regarding administrative leave, Passan notes that it, "Removes a player from a team's roster during an ongoing investigation into a potential violation of the sport's domestic violence policy and can be extended indefinitely with the approval of the MLB Players Association." Passan continued, saying that a player could challenge it, which would allow a neutral arbitrator to determine, "determine whether the league has presented 'credible information' regarding the allegations or whether the player rejoining his team would cause 'significant disruption.'

Franco isn't challenging his placement on administrative leave, as the MLB and Player's Association (MLBPA) agreed to the move "until further notice."

One girl made the allegations about Franco on an Instagram account that has since been deleted, per ESPN. A month earlier, another girl contacted the police about Franco, which opened up an investigation run by a unit focusing on minors and gender violence.

The Rays released an official statement after the league's announcement, saying they support the league's decision to place Franco on administrative leave. Additionally, the Rays say they are "dedicated to upholding the high standards of integrity both on and off the field." Finally, the team says they won't make further statements until the league's investigation is completed.

While on administrative leave, Franco will continue to be paid by the team. In regards to the length that Franco will be on leave, a player is usually on leave for a minimum of seven days. But, leave can be extended once both the league and player's union reach a mutual agreement.

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