Red Bull 2024 F1 car leaks: Everything to know

Keeping a project that has thousands of hands and minds working on it a secret is tough to do. Here's everything we know about the 2024 Red Bull F1 car.

Formula 1 Testing in Abu Dhabi
Formula 1 Testing in Abu Dhabi / Clive Rose/GettyImages

Red Bull absolutely dominated the Formula One grid in 2023, taking 860 points in the Constructor Standings, winning the title easily over the field. Mercedes, in second place, had 409 points in 2023. It was the sixth-highest winning margin for a team in F1 history.

That makes two consecutive titles for Red Bull, who enters 2024 with a clear target on its back. Everyone wants to take this team down.

While part of that is dethroning Max Verstappen, the team's No. 1 driver, it's also about gaming the Red Bull vehicle, which has been using a Honda engine. Teams are designing their cars this year with the hope that they can find some subtle tweaks to help finally gain an edge over RB.

Last year, when Red Bull's floor was exposed to the world for all to see, there was a mass panic. McLaren wound up changing its floor shortly after. There's real reason for teams to want to get a glimpse at the details of an F1 car that has been as historically dominant as Red Bull.

Here's everything we know about the 2024 car so far...

Red Bull 2024 car leaks: What we know so far

No images or videos have leaked of the car, a big win for Red Bull to be sure, but an expected outcome. The development of a car involves thousands of people and several apparatuses. Keeping the information secret is a challenge, but necessary for all teams on the grid.

Horner admitted that the car was expected to be a slight twist on the themes of recent years, per

“So the car is very much an evolution of a theme. We're not reinventing the wheel, and that has been very much the route of the engineering path over the last 12 months.” 

He also spoke about how Red Bull is self-aware, expecting to be copied, and thinks there may be a "convergence" on some of the successful traits of Red Bull cars of recent years.

When will Red Bull's 2024 car be revealed?

The car is expected to be announced on February 15, though there is some question over whether the team is showing off its new car or simply putting its 2024 livery on last year's vehicle or a model car.

The only thing, so far that's been leaked? Sergio Perez's driver hat for 2024. Maybe some clues to be found there, though...