Rocco Baldelli gives vague injury update on Carlos Correa, others ahead of Minnesota Twins playoff push

With the Minnesota Twins looking ahead to the postseason, manager Rocco Baldelli is not giving too much away when it comes to injury updates for Carlos Correa and others.

Minnesota Twins shortstop Carlos Correa
Minnesota Twins shortstop Carlos Correa / Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

DENVER — The Minnesota Twins rolled into their last regular-season series in Denver against the Colorado Rockies already knowing their postseason fate. The champions of the American League Central, the Twins will open postseason play in the Wild Card round on Tuesday against an opponent still to be determined.

While Minnesota's opponent isn't clear, neither is the status of some of the team's star players heading into the postseason. That list includes big names like Carlos Correa, Royce Lewis, Byron Buxton and Joey Gallo.

If you want some clarity on who might be available for the first round of postseason play and who might not, Twins manager Rocco Baldelli told reporters on Friday that they (and Twins fans) will just have to wait.

Rocco Baldelli isn't tipping hand on Minnesota Twins injuries

All of the Twins' missing pieces are in various stages of their comebacks, including Buxton, who reportedly lobbied for a postseason spot with Baldelli recently. Correa reportedly could have been back for the Rockies series, but was not seen in the clubhouse on Friday afternoon in the Mile High City.

So what is the status for Correa and others heading into Tuesday's postseason opener?

"We probably will not announce anything about any of our guys that are back in Minnesota until Tuesday," Baldelli said. "Tuesday around 10 a.m., we will talk about Carlos and Royce and (Buxton) and all of those guys."

Baldelli did tell reporters he was getting reports on what was going on with players who didn't make the trip, but wouldn't allude to much else other than saying that the players participated and "completed successfully" their workouts.

If you're looking for more about the Twins and their roster construction for the postseason, it seems that patience will be a virtue. After all, Tuesday morning isn't that far away.

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