Don't let Ronald Acuña Jr. distract you from another MLB milestone

Ronald Acuña Jr. may be the media sweetheart, but this player in the American League is nearing a historic season never seen before, but with less attention.

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox - Game Two
Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox - Game Two / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Ronald Acuña Jr. has taken on most of the media conversation about his possible 40/70 season, but don't let that make you forget about what is happening in the American League.

In the AL, Kansas City Royals' superstar shortstop, Bobby Witt Jr., has been on a tear and currently has 29 home runs and 48 stolen bases. Should he hit one more home run and steal two more bases, it would make him the first to achieve a 30/50 season in AL history.

Acuña Jr. has been the best player besides Shohei Ohtani in 2023, but Witt Jr. has shown the potential to be the same type of player as Acuña Jr. with his amazing power and speed, as well as being a good defender and contact hitter.

The Royals currently hold a record of 53-102, so many have overlooked all of the talent and possible historic achievements that are surrounding this team. It's no wonder because who wants to watch losing baseball?

Royals: Bobby Witt Jr.'s rise to be one of the best players in AL

Bobby Witt Jr. struggled his first season, but he has done nothing but dominate in 2023 and deserves credit. He should also receive some MVP votes this offseason. The Royals have not been good, but they have the potential to become contenders again if they can continue to develop talent as good as Witt Jr.

In 151 games, he has been one of the best players, hitting 29 home runs, batting .276, and driving in 93 RBIs, while stealing 48 bases too. He has been one of the fastest players in baseball as well, leading the league with nine triples.

One of the team's main struggles has been getting good pitchers and developing them. However, this trade deadline they acquired Cole Ragans in exchange for Aroldis Chapman, who went to the Texas Rangers.

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