Russell Wilson proves he's the guy who makes his bracket with pencil and eraser in hand

Russell Wilson didn't give any credit to Wisconsin but chose to shout out the NC State Wolfpack after their big win over Oakland in the NCAA Tournament

Oakland v NC State
Oakland v NC State / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Before he transferred to the University of Wisconsin and went on to the NFL, Russell Wilson began his college football journey at NC State.

However, it seems like he's got more love for his first school as opposed to the one where he got drafted out of. On Saturday night, Wilson, now a QB for the Pittsburgh Steelers, was in attendance watching the NC Wolfpack defeat the Oakland Golden Grizzlies 79-73.

It's all well and good with Wilson taking to Twitter to shout the Wolfpack out, but where was Russ during Wisconsin's run? Not the NCAA Tournament, but during the Big Ten Tournament when they came to the final game before falling to Illinois? Granted, the Badgers lost their March Madness opener to James Madison University, but where was Wilson supporting them? Keep in mind, it was Wisconsin and Wilson that made it to a Rose Bowl, not NC State.

Mighty convenient, too, for him to proclaim his support for one of his two teams that made the tournament only after the dust settled a bit and one advanced to the Sweet 16...

Russell Wilson picks and chooses when to root for a team and root against the other, as he did with Wisconsin and NC State

To be fair, Russell Wilson attended both schools, so it's not a crime to pick one, but to come out with NC State as opposed to Wisconsin is quite weird, considering whenever Wilson is talked about, it's always the Badgers. See the Sunday Night Football intros when Wilson says "From a whole pack of Badgers".

But back to basketball for a second. Wisconsin is out of the tournament. Meanwhile, the Wolfpack, with five straight wins from the ACC Tournament and now two in the big tournament, take a seven game winning streak into the Sweet 16, where they have a date with either Colorado or Marquette. The winner will go to the Elite Eight.

Will Russell Wilson be in attendance for the Sweet 16? It is possible. But if NC State is eliminated, will Wilson go back to supporting the Badgers full time? Social media can be the only reference to work with. Let's just hope for the sake of the ACC Champs that Wilson doesn't come up with a corny catchphrase.