Saints fans tell Derek Carr to get lost as they boo him replacing Taysom Hill

Saints fans aren't holding back punches as the team went down by three quick touchdowns in Week 13.

New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings
New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

The Detroit Lions roared out to a 21-0 lead over the New Orleans Saints before the first-quarter clock even his seven minutes. Saints fans were left incredulous in their own building over just how miserable the team looked.

New Orleans was not favored in this game, but three quick touchdowns made the normally astute Saints defense look porous. The offense wasn't doing any favors, though, with a first-drive tipped ball interception putting the Lions in position for an easy second score, and receivers failing to grab passes.

Taysom Hill was the lone bright spot of the first few drives, coming in to take a rush up the middle for seven yards. That's the typical Taysom Hill play, and it's consistent as ever.

So, when Hill left the field after that gain and Carr came back on, fans were quick to boo Dennis Allen and Pete Carmichael for the decision.

They would continue to do so when Carr came on the field the rest of the first quarter. The message is clear: We want Taysom. Not Derek Carr.

Michael Thomas and Saints fans are displeased as ever over team's performance

Michael Thomas, on injured reserve with a knee injury, hopped on X (formerly Twitter) and seems to agree with the boos:

He seems to possibly be following up a Tweet from earlier where he said A.T. Perry was 'wide open.'

You can connect the dots...

This post is cryptic as heck, but a critique of an open player followed up with that Tweet doesn't look great. He may not be expressing displeasure with Carr specifically, but he's certainly not happy with the team's performance. To be sure, no one in New Orleans should be.

Carr was signed this offseason after the Raiders released him. The thinking was that Carr would be a more reliable baseline quarterback than Jameis Winston or Andy Dalton had been the last several years. Carr has not been terrible, but he hasn't been all that good, either. At 5-6, he's certainly not winning games.

Saints fans are fed up, preferring to see Hill than Carr. That says a lot, considering Hill, as talented as he is as an all-around utility player, is far from a viable starting quarterback.

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