3 Dennis Allen replacements the Saints should hire in they miss playoffs

The New Orleans Saints lack firepower on both sides of the football. After a loss to the Atlanta Falcons, they no longer control their own destiny. Is Dennis Allen on the hot seat?

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
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If Jim Harbaugh is available, the Saints should try and hire him

Perhaps the most notable head coach who could be available is Jim Harbaugh. The Michigan Man himself has been suspended the final three games of the regular season thanks to a sign-stealing scandal. Michigan won all three of those games, including defeating Ohio State, meaning Harbaugh can return for the Big Ten Championship and College Football Playoff.

The NCAA is still investigating Harbaugh and could come down hard on Michigan. College football analyst Urban Meyer (and former OSU coach, it should be noted), recently hinted that Harbaugh could be in for some serious punishment:

"I've heard it is deep-deep, and then I've heard it's not that deep, where it's just a rogue guy doing it, which is kinda hard for me to believe that just some guy's out there talking to your coordinators and nobody's aware what he did. So I want to remain to be seen what the depth [of it] is. If it's as deep as I'm hearing ... there's a chance he won't coach there next year for the season," Meyer said.

Now, I have no idea if Meyer is correct, but if Harbaugh is facing punishment he should consider other opportunities. Sherrone Moore is an ideal replacement for him at Michigan, and Harbaugh has NFL experience already. In New Orleans, he'd be a proven offensive mind and former NFL QB who can help turn around the Saints offense in a flash.

It's also clear that players at all levels love to play for Harbaugh. He can rally the troops and motivated the highest-paid member of the team or a practice squad player to do their job.