5 teams that should hire Sherrone Moore after beating Penn State

Sherrone Moore's national profile will be raised during Michigan's final two regular-season games.

Sherrone Moore, Michigan Wolverines
Sherrone Moore, Michigan Wolverines / Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages
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2. Michigan Wolverines may promote him from within if Harbaugh leaves

This one is obvious. If Jim Harbaugh were to ever leave Michigan, Moore would be the ideal candidate to promote from within. He is the guy Harbaugh is trusting to keep the Wolverines' perfect season intact while he is serving his second three-game suspension of the year. So far, Moore is 2-0 leading the Wolverines in the interim. The players buy into Moore, so maybe he is Harbaugh's heir apparent?

However, the Wolverines also have an excellent defensive coordinator in Jesse Minter, whose father is a former college football head coach, most notably at Cincinnati in the 1990s. Minter may not be experiencing the glow-up quite like Moore is of late, but he is an excellent coach in his own right. If Harbaugh leaves, athletic director Warde Manuel will have a big decision to make in replacing him.

Promoting from within is a double-edged sword, especially at a program like Michigan. Harbaugh has elevated it to new heights, or on par with what we saw during the peak Lloyd Carr years. In between Carr and Harbaugh, there have been a lot of Rich Rodriguezes and Brady Hokes, so be wary of that. We have seen the coordinator who has been promoted from within flounder, so that is possibility, too.

In truth, I think Moore would flourish taking over the reins from Harbaugh, but he has to leave first...