Why wouldn't Shohei Ohtani sign in New York City? Here's 3 reasons he can't say no

Shohei Ohtani would do wonders for the New York Mets or New York Yankees.

Los Angeles Angels v New York Mets
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Almost every rumor being thrown out there regarding Shohei Ohtani indicates his desire to play on the West Coast. However, both New York City teams could offer something the West teams cannot. If the best player in the world played for either the New York Mets or New York Yankees, he would have the chance to be one of the biggest stars in the professional sports world.

Not only do both teams offer a huge market with diehard fanbases, but the Yankees and Mets both have solid core pieces ready to win. In the Bronx, they have one of the game's very best hitters Aaron Judge, and the 2023 American League Cy Young in Gerrit Cole.

Across town features Francisco Lindor and Pete Alonso, who led the Mets to their first 100-win season in over 30 years. If Ohtani were to join one of the New York teams, they would instantly become World Series contenders.

The two-time MVP has three consecutive seasons with at least 30 home runs. This past season Ohtani took home his second MVP Award, after tallying up a league-leading 44 HRs and 1.066 OPS. Both the Yankees and the Mets would love to see that production in the big city.

With Ohtani being arguably the best MLB player to hit the open market ever, it would be foolish for the New York teams not to pursue. If the 29-year-old superstar wants to become a megastar, then playing in New York City could be his best option.

3. The New York Mets and New York Yankees have money to spend

Typically, the Yankees are the team eager to spend money on big-ticket-free agents. Since Steve Cohen purchased the Mets, it's been both teams digging deep into their pockets. With the price tag that Ohtani has, it gives Cohen and George Steinbrenner an advantage over the smaller market teams.

No one knows the exact amount the 2x MVP is looking for, but rumors are circulating that it could be in the realm of $600 million. In 2023, the teams with the two largest payrolls were the Mets and Yankees. They're not afraid to throw money around, and they certainly shouldn't be afraid when it comes to the best player in the sport.

It is only natural for the Mets and Yankees to pursue the best player in the sport without hesitation. Both teams have a track record of making significant investments to assemble competitive rosters, and Ohtani's exceptional skills and impact make him a player worth investing in. By committing to such a talented player, the Mets and Yankees signify their determination to assert dominance in their respective divisions and compete at the highest level.

As fans eagerly await Ohtani's decision, there is no doubt that the financial prowess of the Mets and Yankees gives them an edge over smaller market teams. Their willingness and ability to spend big on players like Ohtani not only strengthens their teams but also sets a benchmark for the rest of the league. Ultimately, the Mets and Yankees are embracing their role as financial heavyweights and actively shaping the landscape of Major League Baseball.