Since leaving Michigan for the Chargers, Jim Harbaugh has been living in a van down by the river

Jim Harbaugh marches to the beat of his own drum, powered by RV generators and endless Energizer bunnies.

Jim Harbaugh, Los Angeles Chargers
Jim Harbaugh, Los Angeles Chargers / Mike Coppola/GettyImages

Who knew that Jim Harbaugh was a noted pupil of The Bronco Mendenhall School of Survival? Well as Alexander the Great learned from Aristole, who learned from Plato, who learned from Socrates, Harbaugh clearly learned the ways of the RV from Mendenhall, who absolutely learned his living in a van down by the river ways from noted life coach and motivational speaker, the enthusiast Matt Foley.

Yes, Harbaugh has been parked up in his RV right next to his offensive coordinator Greg Roman ever since he left his alma mater of Michigan for an opportunity to take over the Los Angeles Chargers. This has been a dream come true for the most youthful 60-year-old on the planet. After relocating his family from Ann Arbor, they are going to spend a fortnight experiencing all Disneyland could provide.

Holding a cup of spent chewing tobacco, Harbaugh ventured out of his RV to offer this at the NFL's annual league meetings. I feel so bad for Antonio Pierce and Doug Pederson. Oh, that smell...

“It’s been great. Just being myself. I always wanted to do that (and live in an RV). It worked out great. I’m 100 feet from Greg Roman, who has a really, really good RV.”

He isn't a fancy man, but he enjoys the finer things in life such as khakis, chaw, RVs and P.F. Chang's.

“In the RV world, I’m not as fancy. My Ford Motorcoach hits me just right. It’s been awesome. Yeah, it’s been really good. I go back there, it’s a good time to think. It’s just been great.”

Harbaugh was able to procure this RV from his brother-in-law Tom Crean. God, that is an image...

“Now that’s coming to an end -- happily coming to an end -- because my family is coming to California. They’re all here on this trip, and we’re all going to California together. We’ll be moving into our rental house, and that’s even better.”

All I know is the man is a winner, but he is completely unhinged. That's why he is one-of-one as a man.

Jim Harbaugh is the NFL's version of Matt Foley living that sweet van life

I cannot wait for Pierce to toss Harbaugh's spit cup into the trash can while saying, "You know I've got this new quarterback who is all about that van life?" Doug Pederson would nod in between being nauseous from the foul aroma. "Yeah, I've heard of him?" "Who's that?" "Oh, you know, Uncle Rico's kid, the long lost son of Kenny "The Snake" Stabler, The Jockstrap King, Gardner Minshew II." Oh my god...

After the Chargers' first game vs. the Silver and Black, Harbaugh will power through the awkwardness of not giving Pierce a handshake, while making a beeline right to Minshew himself. "Man, how was it?" "Oh, it was the time of my life, brother!" "Let's do it next year?" "Can I bring Justin?" "Sure, I guess, man..." No doubt in my mind that Justin Herbert would spite retire like Andrew Luck than live RV life.

I hate to say it, but college football's loss is the NFL's gain. Harbaugh is an absolute content factory. He is bringing in copious amounts of Big Ten Energy to Southern California this offseason. If there was a way to harness that energy, bottle it up, if you will, California will never have a blackout again. Unfortunately, there are not enough empty bottles of two-percent or whole milk to collect all of it.

Now imagine the Bolts' head coach's RV generator going out in a P.F. Chang's parking lot. How ironic.

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