Snoop Dogg drops this scorching USC take like it's hot on The Pat McAfee Show

Let's just say Snoop Dogg is not all that satisfied with the way things are going over at USC.

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg / Diannie Chavez/The Republic / USA TODAY

As one of the biggest USC fans out there, Snoop Dogg's commentary on the state of the Trojans often carries weight. The iconic rapper also loves his Pittsburgh Steelers on the NFL side of things, but his favorite college football team from his hometown of Los Angeles forever holds a special place in his heart. You are never going to guess what he said on The Pat McAfee Show on Friday afternoon.

Snoop is one of the biggest celebrities who is a rabid USC fan, along with the likes of Will Ferrell and several others. Because he has a background in coaching youth football and has been cool ever since he came out of the womb, everybody wants to know Snoop Dogg if they can. Naturally, he crossed paths with former Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll when he was leading the Trojans.

Carroll was the Trojans' iconic head coach throughout the 2000s, winning multiple national titles in one of the greatest dynastic runs college football has ever seen. While his time at USC ended in scandal, he then went on to become the greatest head coach in Seahawks history. Although his time leading the Seahawks just came to an end, Snoop believes he is the one to restore order at USC...

Here is what Snoop told McAfee and the boys on Friday's progrum. A.J. Hawk's brain short-circuited.

Carroll is a fantastic coach, but he is in his mid-70s. Man, what a terrible look for Lincoln Riley...

Snoop Dogg says Pete Carroll should restore order over at USC

While year one under Riley was a great success, resulting in a Pac-12 Championship Game appearance and Caleb Williams winning the Heisman Trophy going away, the Trojans were varying shades of pitiful throughout most of last year. They went 7-5 with Williams as the starter before clobbering the Louisville Cardinals in the Holiday Bowl to finish the season out with an 8-5 record.

Riley may have a fun offense built around Air Raid principles, as well as a strong connection to any and every quarterback who wants to enter the transfer portal. However, people in Oklahoma absolutely hate him for how he left the Sooners program. And to be quite frank, I think some members of the Trojan Family are starting to turn on the offensive guru they only recently acquired.

I think giving up on Riley this soon is foolish, but I do have reservations about how well he and USC will do now that they are about to go to the Big Ten. The only Pac-12 newcomer I feel really strongly about that will have great success immediately is Oregon. Between UCLA, USC and Washington somebody is going to regret joining one of the two strongest conferences making up the Power Four.

When it comes to Carroll, yes, I think he could be a positive boost for any number of college teams this year or next, including USC. I mean, Jerry Glanville is still coaching defense somewhere in rural Oklahoma, and that dude is firmly in his 80s! The reason why Carroll would want to go back to college is so that he can have one more accrued season to ensure himself of hall of fame enshrinement.

I think to me what Snoop said is troubling. If he is not down with Riley, then he cannot be alone in that regard. He may be tight with Carroll as fellow West Coast guys, but what Snoop says about the USC program carries clout, and he knows this. Not to say Ferrell would turn on Riley as well, but that could happen if USC doesn't go something like 9-3 in the new Big Ten. That league is going to be so tough...

Snoop saying that he wants Carroll to restore order at USC means he does not trust Riley one bit.

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