Snowball Interference: Bills fan tried to thwart Georgia Pickens catch with projectile

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver George Pickens
Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver George Pickens / Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

There's an overabundance of snow at High Mark Stadium for the Wild Card game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills. That doesn't mean anyone wants the fans to use it for nefarious purposes.

In this case, we're talking about throwing a snowball at the endzone in the middle of a play.

George Pickens was attempting to haul in a touchdown when an icy projectile landed nearby. The Steelers receiver couldn't hang on but the fan's aim was thankfully terrible and the snowball didn't impact the play.

What if the snowball had reached its target and hit Pickens or the ball to actually disrupt the play?

Even though it didn't, Steelers fans still wanted to see the refs throw the yellow flag for unsportsmanlike conduct on the crowd.

There is some precedence for that. During a game between the Bills and Dolphins, refs warned fans who had been throwing snowballs that if any hit someone on the field there would be a 15-yard penalty assessed on the home team.

In this case, the refs didn't feel the need to throw a flag or give a warning. They may have had a different tune if the throw had been more accurate.

It didn't matter in the end. Calvin Austin III caught a seven-yard pass from Mason Rudolph to get the Steelers their touchdown. That cut the once-21-point deficit down to just seven.

No snowballs were needed to get Buffalo back on track though. The Bills responded with a 17-yard touchdown from Josh Allen to Khalil Shakir to push it back to a 14-point advantage.

The Bills jumped out to a 21-point lead in the first half on touchdown passes from Allen to Dawson Knox and Dalton Kincaid before he decided to do it himself in spectacular fashion with a 52-yard touchdown run. The Steelers scored a touchdown to stop the bleeding just before halftime.