Social media totally grossed out by Joe Burrow injury on Sunday Night Football

Close-up shots of Joe Burrow's bloody finger on Sunday Night Football had NFL Twitter praying for a reprieve while watching the Bengals and Bills.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow
Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow / Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY

Joe Burrow was just looking fully healthy after dealing with a preseason calf injury when the injury bug bit him again.

Luckily for Cincinnati Bengals fans, the injury he picked up on Sunday Night Football wasn't as serious as the one in training camp. Unfortunately for everyone, it was way more gross.

Burrow's right index finger got injured in the first half of play. He either lost his fingernail entirely or split it open. Either way, it was very bloody. Squeamish folks, look away now.

Joe Burrow played his Bloody Finger Game on Sunday Night Football

NFL Twitter was pretty grossed out by the shots NBC showed of the finger on the broadcast.

Burrow didn't need to miss time because of the finger, but it certainly wasn't making it easy for him to throw. That's not to say it slowed him down that much. In the first half against the Bills, the Bengals QB racked up 181 yards through the air with two touchdowns on 18-of-24 passing.

Josh Allen was far more shaky with a full-intact finger. He went 9-of-15 for 120 yards and an interception in the first half.

The Bengals went into the halftime break leading 21-7 and hoping to stay in control in the second half despite the setback for their quarterback.

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